3D Printing Institute
by: Robert McLean
January 2, 2015
€śThe 3D Printing Institute€ť, an institution for the study and advancement of the burgeoning technological revolution of The 3D Printer.
3D Printing has been with us now for 30 years but has in the last couple years increased greatly in popularity. The 3D Printers of the past, the industrial high end machines were used only by the most highly skilled of technicians and targeted a very select group of industrial and enterprise manufacturers.
Consumer 3D Printing wasn€™t a term conceived of up until 5 years ago when key patents related to certain processes expired. Open source, DIY, Consumer interests have taken hold and in recent years surged. There are now an every increasing list of smaller 3D Printer manufacturers catering to the strong consumer interest in owning The 3D Printer. Medical breakthroughs in which peoples€™ lives are being saved and changed for the better in significant and meaningful ways have helped to fuel the Consumer 3D Printing movement.
Computational Clothing or 3D Fashion is bounding down the catwalk of creation designing and printing heretofore unknown clothing choices. Jewelry 3D Printing, Metal 3D Printing, 3D Printing Electronics, 3D Printing Ceramics, 3D Medical Printer are some of the exploding technological advances being made with the use of The 3D Printer.


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Graphic Arts Magazine
... 3D printing service industry based in San Francisco and Paris, France, has published a free eBook study, A Sculpteo Guide to Cost Efficiency Through Short Series Manufacturing, that highlights the cost effectiveness of using 3D printing for manufacturing.

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